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Centre of Excellence

AHS, moving ahead with a vision to march over competitors, continuously adding value to the brands of its trading partners – aided by marketing research findings and recommendations to accurately identify the critical determinants in competitive trade, has helped some of the leading brands to reach truly great sales heights.

At AHS, we have the capability to meet dynamic challenge of a rapidly advancing healthcare industry and the flexibility to meet any challenge, exceed expectations and deliver quality in everything we do. Our competitiveness and dynamism has given us the confidence to explore new frontiers in health services and expand horizons in Pakistan. We have been one of the preferred medical equipment companies and suppliers in the healthcare industry. AHS is Trusted and Well-known Supplier for Pre-hospital Medical Equipment Globally, delivering the Best Customer Service Within the Market We Serve

Today, the numbers speak for itself; international brands occupy premier slots and an equal number of brands is surfacing in this list, all thanks to able leadership and focused operational activities.

AHS markets and distributes a wide range of product & is Committed to deliver “on time, each time, every time”.

In short, AHS is the gateway for establishing sound businesses in the Pakistan & specializes in:

-       Pharmaceuticals Division
-       Medical Equipment & Diagnostics Division
-       Medical Consumables & Device Divisions
-       Specialty & Critical Care
-       Anesthesia & Operating Room Solutions
-       Patient Monitoring and Critical Care Solutions